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Trademark Registration In Bangalore

The trademark registration in Bangalore is as easy as smooth with Solubilis. Trademark is a legal speaker, a brand protector and a product differentiator in businessthat encapsulates the values. Great giants of today’s business had once started with a small trademark. To protect and capitalise the innovations, brand and logo protection is very crucial. It is unlawful to make use of identical slogan or logo. For that, brand enrolment or logo enrolment is mandatory and it is utilized to assure the firms engagement towards the company’s brand or image. Yes, the brand takes some years to get registered but there is an advantage of using ® symbol with the image name during the registered period. Trademark is the beginning point of the business and it acts a milestone in trade business. Being an owner of any product or service based company, need to look for trademark registration services that provides legal authority against competitors. Trademark registration is one of the essential and favourable services among the Indian corporate sectors.

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Process of Trademark Registration in Bangalore

3d mark is eligible to get registered as a trademark which includes shapes and packaging of goods. This application can also be filed in Form TM-A.

Under the Rule 115, any hearing can be conducted via video conferencing or through any audio-visual communication.

Under Rule 50, during the time of opposition hearing, a party is not designated to demand for more than 2 deferment.

Under Rule 18, the communications that is sent by TM office through online correspondence will be considered as a complete service.

Under Rule 34, the TM applicant can request for express registration and by paying additional fees, the application will be taken out of time.

The number of TM forms has been cut down from 75 form to 8 forms. This seems to be a very decisive approach that makes the process speed.

Document Required for Trademark Registration in Bangalore

  • Copy of Logo
  • Signed Form-48.It is an authorisation from the applicant to a TM Attorney for filing the TM application on his/her behalf.
  • UdyogAadhar Registration Certificate.
  • Incorporation Certificate or Partnership Deed.
  • Identity Proof of Signatory.
  • Address Proof of Signatory.
  • Copy of logo. In case if logo is not provided, then TM application can be filed for word.
  • Identity Proof of the particular person or Proprietor.
  • Address Proof of the particular person or Proprietor.


The recent categorization during the time of making trademark application is 5 and they are namely descriptive, generic, arbitraty, fanciful and suggestive mark.
A brand name registration is similar to a trademark or a logo registration and a trademark is something that connects the service or goods with business.
The trademark is classified into 45 different classes. Class 1 to class 34 states goods whereas class 35 to class 45 states services.
The symbol TM is affixed to the top right corner of the mark which represents the status that the application is filed. The ®symbol is used after the trademark registration certificate is issued.
One who applies for a TM should have the details of the owner of the TM, the type & class of TM and the communication address.