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Necessity of TM

Safety: To safeguard the brand of the company, securing the trademark is necessary.

Effective communication tool: Trademark acts as an effective communicative tool in the business network.

Never expiring resource: If once a trademark is registered in people's mind, it rotates as a never expiring resource in customer’s world.

Easy identification: There is always a competition between the goods and services in business. Customer who views the trademark immediately knows what product or service they are dealing with. So trademark is easy for identification in trade.

Easy hiring of products: Brands create a positive impact, in people's mind.

Uniqueness: Unique trademark is a lifelong asset for any kind of start-up.

Legal protection: All registered trademarks are secured legally to maintain brand reputation.

Valuable asset and Validity: A registered trademark can be sold or franchised which denotes the value of a registered trademark. It allows business to effectively utilize the internet and social media.