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How can I apply for Trademark registration?

trademark registration in Bangalore

Trademark registration in India – In India the legitimate premise is the Trademark Act of 1999. The Indian Trademark law follows the standards of “custom-based law”. Trademark insurance is acquired by enlistment. An unregistered trademark might secured due to earlier use in which case an activity for passing off might started.

A trademark application must filed before the Trade Marks Registry by a nearby specialist as all reports and notification must served on the residential location India. A candidate arranged abroad should have a location for administration in India, which is normally the location of the Trademark Attorney who files the mark for the Applicant. The Trademark Attorney requires a Power of Attorney on an organization given by the Trademark Office i.e FORM TM 48. The Power of Attorney can documented sometime in the not too distant future and isn’t a necessity at the hour of filing, in-case of Foreign Applicants. There is NO necessity of authorization or legally approbation of Power of Attorney. Unfamiliar candidates needn’t bother with a home-grown enlistment.

Documents of Trademark Registration

Registration procedure of trademark registration

trademark registration in bangalore

Trademark registration in Bangalore follows the steps below.

Practice most extreme alert while picking a trademark

Trademark registration in Bangalore will make sure that your trademark is exceptional. It is what separates you from your opposition. Know your class and pick a trademark likewise. You can look over among the 45 classes of labor and products. Classes 1-34 are intend for merchandise and classes 35-45 are intended for administrations.

Check online

The subsequent stage is to guarantee that your trademark is novel for the registration through Trademark registration in Bangalore. You might visit the site of the regulator general of licenses, plans and trademarks. There, you will have the choice to play out a public inquiry. Decide your class and search here. You may likewise get legitimate assistance in the matter. The cycle might cost you a bit. In any case, this is for the most part as a more secure technique.

File the application

You are offer two choices here. You might petition for a class 1 trademark through Trademark registration in Bangalore. Here, you register your trademark just for the class you pick. For this, you should top off the TM-1. You may likewise apply for various classes of trademarks. Here, you should top off TM-A. This allows you to apply for different classes of trademarks. The site would have data on expenses and different subtleties. Decide the classification of your organization and apply it likewise.

Analyzing the trademark

Endless supply of the application, an analyst does a top to bottom examination of your application. The office sends you a report in the wake of inspecting your application. It might require as long as 30 days for you to get the report. It might have outright or relative issues with specific process/measures. You should file an answer inside 30 days of tolerating the examination report. You might raise your contentions against any complaint given in that in this stage.

Post examination

The analyst (trademark authority) may pick a conference in the accompanying two situations:

On the off chance that the objections are not met

On the off chance that the contentions against the objections raised are not agreeable enough

Endless supply of the meeting, the inspector might advance the application for distribution in the diary. The organization might even oddball if the complaints are not dealt with.

Promoting the trademark

On the off chance that the application is acknowledged, it will publicized to manage complaints from the overall population. Anybody with a complaint can file something similar for the trademark published. The individual, nonetheless, needs to do it inside four months of distribution of the equivalent. The complainant ought to likewise ensure that all lawful conventions are finish when mentioning the criticism.

Enrolling the trademark

This is the last advance of enrolling your trademark registration. In case there are no objections subsequent to publicizing the trademark, the proprietor gets an auto-created registration endorsement. This is legitimate for a very long time.


A trademark registration in India is legitimate for a very long time, which is tallied from the date of documenting of the application, regardless when the mark is enlisted. In this manner if the date of filing is January 1, 2010 and the mark is enlisted on December 1, 2012, the legitimacy will checked from January 1, 2010 and will stay in power until December 31, 2020. The mark should recharged at the very latest December 31, 2020 or within a half year time span from that point on payment of punishment and late expense.

Merits of trademark registration

When registration is done through Trademark registration in has the following benefits.

Builds the reputation

A trademark recognizes you for the qualities your organization maintains. Clients make certain to see it. In the event that you ascend to their assumptions, you make certain to acquire a faithful client base.

It helps your item stand separated from others

Your trademark assists clients with discovering you. You might utilize it to impart to your likely clients about your exceptional selling focuses, your vision and different qualities.

You get perceive for greatness of value

Clients append the nature of your item to your trademark. What’s more, the ones searching for such traits stick to you as long as you remain behind your guarantee.

At long last, it decreases the expense of discovering new gifts. Splendid personalities search for something else. Furthermore, if your trademark satisfies that yearning, employing turns into a breeze.


A Trademark enlistment should be possible in case it is unmistakable and unique. Any mark that is indistinguishable or like an all-around existing enrolled Trademark registration can’t enlisted. Any brand name that is tricky, hostile, nonexclusive or containing an ensured symbol can’t enrolled. The Trademark Act, 1999 sets out the arrangement for registration of Trademark and the Controller General of Patents Designs and Trademarks manages brand name enlistment in India. Once the ® image is allocate to the Trademark, it is substantial for a very long time, which can effectively restore for an additional 10 years.