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How do I apply a trademark in Bangalore?

Trademark Registration in Bangalore

A trademark registration is a type of recognized phrase, word, symbol, or sound that indicates a particular product and distinguishes it from other products on the market. It’s the thing that identifies the brand’s company ownership. In order to register that particular trademark, the application must be submitted to the trademark registry in TM-A form and the prescribed fee must also be paid. It is always advisable to check the status of the trademark as there are cases when the applicant may have to take action to ensure that the trademark is registered soon.

Documents for trademark registration

Trademark Registration in Bangalore

The following documents are needed for trademark registration in Bangalore

  • Preferably in black and white (optional). If the logo is not provide, a trademark application for the word can be entered.
  • Signed on Form-48. Form-48 is an authorization of the trademark attorney to file a trademark application from the applicant.
  • Individual or proprietary proof of identity.
  • Proof of the address of the person or proprietor electricity bills, gas bill
  • If the place is on rent the rent agreement and NOC from the landlord.

Procedure for trademark registration

Trademark registration in Whitefield follows the following procedure for the registration.

File an application:

The trademark application can fill manually and two online. For self-filing of the application, the person has to physically go to the physics of the Registrar of Trademarks located. After submitting your application, you will have to wait at least 15-20 days to receive the acceptance. But in case of e-filing you will immediately get a receipt of .online acceptance, then you can use the TM symbol next to your brand name. Another advantage of e-filing is that in case of rejection the applicant gets a second chance to file a trademark application using the same spicy form without incurring any additional charges. If the application is denied a second time, applicants can use the new spicy form and file a new application scratch.

Examining application:

After filing the application for trademark registration in Mysore, the registrar checks whether all legal parameters have been met in filing the application and whether your brand name meets all the legal requirements. It will only allow your trademark application after you have fully satisfied yourself.

Publication of the trademark in the Indian Trademark Journal:

In trademark registration in Koramangala if your trademark application is not reject at the examination stage, it will be published in the Indian Trademark Journal. If no one objects to your trademark within 90 days (120 days in some cases) then your trademark application will be accepted.

Giving Certificate:

In case of no objection within 90 days you will be given a trademark certificate, which means that you have been given a trademark of your brand and no one else will be able to use that name or brand.

Grounds in which the application can be denied:

After examining the trademark application, the registrar may choose to reject the application on relevant or absolute grounds.

Reasons for rejecting the application:

There are relevant grounds for rejection or objection to a trademark application under Section 11 of the Trademark Act, 1999.

If it is find to be identical in appearance or appearance with previous trademarks for any goods and services

If it is find that the mark is identical to the same trademark or uses a mark .

That allows the applicant to receive an unfair benefit or damage the reputation of an already existing trademark.

Note: For these two rules, the term ‘previous trademark’ means an already registered trademark or known mark.

If the trademark registration violates any existing law

Complete grounds for rejecting a trademark registration:

The full reasons for rejecting or objecting to a trademark application under section 11 of the Trademark Act, 1999 are:

The mark lacks uniqueness

It is deceptive to the character of goods and services

If there is a sign that the established practices of trade have become personal and bona fide

Signs that can cause confusion in people

Marks that hurt religious feelings

Marks containing pornographic material

Benefits of trademark registration

Trademark Registration in Bangalore

Set your products apart

When registered in trademark registration in Jayanagar using the ® sign next to the brand name or logo makes it easier for customers to find your products. Trademarks will differentiate your product and products from existing and close competitors working as efficient business tools for market production. While the logo will approach your vision, quality or unique characteristic for third parties, it is wrong to say that it acts as a self-marketing tool.

Product quality identification

The registered brand name or company logo under trademark registration in Bangalore recognizes the quality of the product. Consumers associate product quality with the brand name and this image create about the quality of a particular brand in the market that helps attract new customers as they can distinguish product quality by logo.

Asset creation:

Trademark registration creates an intangible asset i.e. intellectual property for an organization. A register trademark is a creation right that can sell, assign, franchised or contracted on a commercial basis. Also, a trademark is an intangible asset that benefits the organization. This intangible asset will form part of the owner’s financial statements and thus the transfer of the business may detract from the value of goodwill by the owners. Protection against violations

Looking for possibilities for unauthorized use of your organizational reputation? The registered trademark will ensure that other person may use the wordmark or logo you have registered under the trademark. However, if in any case someone uses it without the permission of the owner of the trademark or uses it in a deceptive way, the owner can get legal protection under the Act and stop the person from doing so.

Defence for 10 years at negligible cost

Trademark registration in Domlur is done at very low maintenance costs. Once you have registered a trademark you only have to pay maintenance costs and renewal costs which is 10 years after the trademark was registered. It is cost effective and helps your organization create a unique image with 10 years of legal protection.