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What are the details needed for trademark registration?

Trademark Registration in Bangalore

When applying for trademark registration in Bangalore, you will need to submit documents based on the type of applicant that falls under the category. There are broadly two categories- individual and company. Trademark registration sets your company’s product or service apart from other companies while allowing you to exercise your legal rights in case of infringement. During the trademark application process, there is no need to submit the original documents, a scan of the original document will suffice the requirement.

Here is a list of all the documents required for trademark registration in bangalore.

Application letter

Trademark Registration in Bangalore

First and foremost, a properly filled application form needs to be submitted. Applicants need to ensure that the form is filled out, especially all mandatory sections so that the appraiser takes into account the applicable trademark.

Documents proving identity, address and nationality

Please note the identification documents. Submit proof of identity, address and nationality along with the application form. In case of trademark registration in Bangalore for a company, submit supporting documents to the country in which the company is registered, mentioning the full registered address. Likewise, if it is for trademark registration for a partnership concern, provide proof of ID, address, and nationality of all partners.

Items and services for registration

One of the most important documents required for trademark filing includes a list of all goods and services for trademark registration in Bangalore. In case of intention to sell special services or some special goods, file a trademark for it.

Trademark entity documents and soft copy of the trademark

In many cases, individuals who own the brand may file for a trademark under their name. For example, fashion designers may trademark their name as a brand. Such documents are known as trademark Registration entity documents. Then whether you are an individual, a small enterprise or a start-up, you can register a trademark under the brand name of your choice.

Along with the entity document, you must also provide a soft copy of the trademark you need to register.

Details of applications filed in other countries

In case of trademark application in any other country, along with that application document also submit the documents required for trademark registration in India. Additionally, provide a certified priority document or a properly notarized trademark office fee within two months of filing the original trademark application. If this certificate is in another language, submit it after translation into English.

Documents supporting the use of trademarks

The second document required for trademark registration in Bangalore is a usage document i.e. a document that supports the first use of a trademark in India. This applies in case you have used the brand, products or services before formally registering the applicable trademark. In such a case, you need to provide an affidavit testifying to such use in addition to supporting documents.

Legal process for agents

In the case of obtaining the services of an agent for the trademark registration in Bangalore process, enter the agent as a power of attorney. Submit a document showing the attorney as a power of attorney.

Under intellectual property law in India, there is no order that you must register a trademark. Even if the applicant decides to register a trademark, applicants have the right to file a lawsuit against any person or company without permission, without using your brand name. But, the process of trademark registration is quite simple compared to other intellectual property, which requires registration like patents, utility design and geographical indications, so it is best to register the trademark by submitting the required documents for trademark registration in Hyderabad.

Registration process of trademark registration

Trademark Registration in Bangalore

Step 1: Surf the internet for a brand name that is “crazy enough”

This is a short and best way to get an attractive, trendy and interesting brand name for any newbie. Picking up a brand name that is crazy and weird is definitely a wise move because most common names are already in someone’s hands. Moreover, zeroing in on a specific name requires a quick research process to make sure you are not choosing the brand name you are already using. The best part here is that you can search or coin some words with a combination of common words to create a unique brand name for you.

Step 2: Preparing the trademark registration

The following supporting documents must be submitted with the application for trade online trademark registration in Bangalore: –

– Proof of business registration: Depending on your registered business (e.g. sole proprietorship and more), proof of identity and address of the director of the company must be submitted. In the case of sole proprietorship business, proprietary ID proof. PAN card, Aadhaar card can be submitted. Whereas, in the case of companies, proof of company address needs to be submitted.

Soft copy of trademark p.

– Proof of claim of the proposed mark (which is applicable) can be used in another country.

– Power attorney to sign by the applicant.

Step 3: File a brand name registration application

Manual filing and e-filing are two different ways to file a registration. If you choose ‘Manual Filing’, you will have to personally move your application for registration. Then submit it to the Registrar Trade Fees of Trademarks located in major cities of India. Like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Ahmadabad and Chennai. After that, you have to wait at least 15-20 days to get the acceptance receipt. But in case of e-filing system, you will immediately receive a receipt of your acceptance on the government website. Once you have received your approval, you are eligible to use your trademark (TM) symbol next to your brand name!

Trademark Registration in Bangalore in case of rejection due to non-approval of the name, the applicant will get a second chance to fill up the same spicy form without any additional charge. This means that you will not have to pay any additional Rs. 1000 / – both times.

In case of failure to accept the name a second time, you can file the Spice Form from scratch again. This will prove to be cheaper than choosing the first option any day. About 2-3- in the whole process including name approval and inclusion. Takes time of day.

Step 4: Examine the process of brand name application

Once the application has submitted, the registrar will check that your brand name complies with certain conditions. Moreover, there should be no contradiction or dispute between any existing or pending brand for registration. This is the reason why we have chosen you the weird brand name!

Step 5: Publish your brand in Indian Trade Mark Journal

After the examination process, the Registrar will publish your brand name in the Indian Trade Mark Journal. This is definitely the most important part of trademark registration in Bangalore and in some months, from the date of publication, there should be no protest within 3 months (i.e. 90 days) or 120 days. Then your brand name is moving towards acceptance.

Step 6: Issue Certificate of Trademark Registration

The Registrar will accept your trademark application if no objections are raise within the prescribe period of 90 days. Wow! And the registrar issues a certificate of registration with a trademark registry seal.

From the moment you are issue with your certificate, you can use the trademark symbol next to your brand name. So, from this blog post, even a beginner can understand everything about brand name creation and registration successfully.