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What are the five steps in registering a trademark?

Trademark Registration in Bangalore

Trademark registration measure in India includes ensuring an individual or organization’s imprint for example the logo, name, image, word or motto used to address their items or administrations to people in general. Trademark enlistment secures the legitimate privileges of the proprietor against unapproved use or encroachment from the outsider. Be that as it may, the Trademark enrolment measure is muddled and includes mind boggling stages.

Process of Trademark Registration

Trademark Registration in Bangalore

Investing your time and cash to fabricate a specific brand and seeing a similar brand name being utilized by another, denying you of your well-deserved brand notoriety is anything but a pleasant situation. Numerous a period, trademark (TM) proprietors end up in extended prosecution since when all was good and well, they didn’t do reserve registration in India of their image name. Trademark registration process of the brand name by trademark registration in Bangalore is certifiably not a troublesome assignment. A couple of straightforward strides, as clarified beneath and you would have the truly necessary lawful security of your image name enlistment in India.


There are 45 Classes in which a trademark application can be petitioned for enlistment under trademark registration in Bangalore. Class 1 to 34 relates to merchandise and classes 35 to 45 for administrations. The assurance to the proprietor of imprints is given dependent on the products or services in which the trademark is being utilized. The initial step will be to see the classes wherein a specific trademark falls.

Five stages of Trademark Registration

Trademark search

Many entrepreneurs don’t understand the significance of a TM search. Having an extraordinary trademark as a main priority isn’t adequate motivation to stay away from a TM search. Trademark Registration in Bangalore assists you with knowing whether there are comparable trademarks accessible and it’s anything but a reasonable image of where your trademarks stands, in some cases, it additionally gives you an admonishing of the chance of trademark suit. Why burn through your cash in tedious trademark case some other time when you can decide to stay away from it in any case?

Filing the trademark application

After you are certain that your picked image name or logo isn’t recorded in the Trademark Registry India, you can settle on enlisting something very similar. The initial step is to record a trademark application at the Trademark Registry India. These days, recording is generally done on the web. When the application is documented, an acknowledgement is quickly given. This is helpful for the future reference.


After trademark application is documented, Trademark Registration in Bangalore is analysed by the examiner for any inconsistencies. The assessment may take around 12-year and a half. The inspector may acknowledge the trademark totally. Either may be restrictively or object.

Whenever acknowledged genuinely, the trademark gets published in the Trademark Journal. If not acknowledged unequivocally, the conditions to be satisfied or the protests would be referenced in the assessment report and a month’s time would be given to satisfy the conditions or reaction to the complaints.

When such reaction is acknowledged, the trademark is then published in the Trademark Journal. On the off chance that the reaction isn’t acknowledged, one can demand a meeting. On the off chance that in the meeting, the inspector feels that the trademark ought to be permitted registration, it continues for published in the Trademark Journal by trademark registration in Bangalore.


The step of publication is consolidated in the trademark registration in Madurai and Karur measure so any individual who objects to the registering of the trademark has the chance to go against something very similar. On the off chance that, following 3-4 months from publication there is no resistance, the trademark continues for registration. On the off chance that there is resistance, then there is a reasonable hearing and choice are given by the Registrar.

Registration certificate

When the application continues for trademark registration by trademark registration in Bangalore, following distribution in Trademark Journal, an enlistment testament under the seal of the Trademark Office is given.

Importance of trademark

  • To accomplish a benefit over possible opponents, it is important to have an enlisted trademark. It’s anything but urgent component that adds altogether to the brand as well as assumes a significant part in the acceleration of business.
  • Trademark Registration in Bangalore is vital for any organization to ensure their image name. An enrolled trademark shields that name by expressly showing the real responsibility for item. On enrolling, the proprietor has the advantage to sell, correct or use that item in any way.
  • A trademark on being effectively enrolled can last up to lifetime. It requires renewing once in at regular intervals.
  • The trademark empower web clients to recognize items and track down the applicable item with no trouble. Web index or online media stages effectively recognize reserved items just by a straightforward snap. Raised site visits and web-based media ad lead to a more serious level of brand acknowledgment.
  • As far as correspondence, the trademark is the best instrument that one can expect. Every one of the specialized issues can be tackled under one logo. The one of a kind logo gives data going from the organization’s standing.
  • Registered trademark from trademark registration in Hyderabad lead to a more advantageous recruiting measure. Because of higher acknowledgment of the brand, work possibilities are more beneficial to reasonable up-and-comers. Besides, the uniqueness of the brand imparts a good inclination among the representatives too.


The mark is registered for a time of 10 years from the date of documenting of the application and can be restored every once in a while on payment of restoration charges. Every restoration term is for a time of 10 years.