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Steps to register your trademark registration in Bangalore

Trademark Registration in Bangalore

In general terms, a trademark registration is a logo or a brand that differentiates your labor and products from that of your rivals. It is an interesting articulation, which ensures your business’ essentials by limiting others from utilizing it for gaining purposes. For example, the logo of ADIDAS and its tagline Unthinkable Isn’t anything is an enlisted trademark. Trademark proprietors have a restrictive right under the Trademark Act of India. The proprietor can sue and claim to recuperate damages for the encroachments of the trademark.

Advantages of Trademark Registration:

Trademark Registration in Bangalore
  • Protection
  • Reliability
  • Legal assurance
  • Unique character
  • Trust or generosity
  • Creation of asset
  • Popularity

Stage 01: Form filling

  • You need to fill a basic form by giving some information about the applicant like name, address, and so forth The form will tell us for whom the trademark application Select the appropriate state and then, at that point click the submit alternative for additional advancement.
  • The second page is all about the trademark registration in Bangalore. It starts with the name of the trademark registration in Bangalore, goes onto basic information and winds up by referencing for which item or administration your trademark will be utilized. Finishing the blanks given, click the following alternative.
  • Depending upon the nature of your business, a class of the trademark is chosen. An appropriate class should be chosen according to the quintessence of your business for your trademark registration in Bangalore. For this reason, various classes have been given in the form. For pushing forward, click on ‘next’.
  • Each package is backed by 100% satisfaction guarantee unconditional promise. This level gives you some add-on administrations. Choices for payment are also available. On the off chance that you have any rebate alternative, you can apply.
  • Once the form has been submitted, you continue towards the payment gateway. Filling all the details regarding net banking will affirm your package and would lead you to the subsequent advance.


After you fill the form at the principal stage, we will execute a trademark research. Trademark Registration is directed by our specialists. The cycle enables us to guarantee that the logo name filled by you is novel and available. This research usually takes 1 working day from our side.


The govt. has partitioned the trademarks into 45 categories according to the nature of the business. For example, merchandise/items go under the ambit of class 1 to class 35 whereas administrations lie in class 36 to class 45. We recommend the appropriate class for your trademark registration in Bangalore usually in 1 working day.


Whenever it is guaranteed that your picked name or logo is select, we send you an authorization letter which should be marked and sent back to us. Our lawyers document a trademark application on your behalf. We will furnish you with the TM number to utilize. It will take normally take a gap of 2 working days.

Stage 05: WORK Consummation

Your application will be checked by the trademark office when the application is finished. The govt. can raise a complaint if your trademark registration in Bangalore is similar or harms any strict opinions. On the off chance that no complaint has been raised, an advertisement will be distributed in the trademarks journal. Your trademark gets enrolled in 1.5-2 years.

We give you the consultation. The registration starts at Rs.56650 onwards that incorporates govt. charges, and administration tax also. Our package incorporates application preparation with name approvals and same day application filling. The good to beat all is that we take 3-4 days, after that the proprietor can utilize TM on his/her items or administrations.

Individuals pick us because we are economical and fast. In addition, we have over 10 years of involvement. Cash back is guaranteed by us.

Benefits of Trademark Registration:

  1. Discourages others from utilizing confusingly similar marks in any case by making the mark easy to discover in a trademark availability search, in this manner forestalling issues before they even start.

2) Ensures against trademark registration in Bangalore of confusingly similar marks, as the Trademark Office has an obligation to refer to earlier registrations against applications for confusingly similar marks and to decline to enlist such marks, accordingly enrolling the force of the US Government in assisting with forestalling encroachment at no additional expense for you.

3) Treats the mark as whenever utilized nationwide as of the application date, which is vital in a framework in which first use wins-in any case, your privileges are restricted to the geographic area of utilization or reputation of the mark, potentially allowing others to utilize the same mark in another geographic area and leading to inevitable disarray when one or the two players expands.

4) Gives nationwide notification of responsibility for mark as of the trademark registration in Bangalore date, keeping others from claiming their ensuing adoption of the mark was in “great faith.”

5) Fills in as proof of the validity and restrictive responsibility for mark for the labor and products recorded in the registration, with uplifted security after five years and the chance of becoming “incontestable,” which can help not just in court procedures however perhaps more importantly in rapidly persuading others to cease utilizing a mark without the need to go to court.

6) Grants the option to utilize the ® image when the mark is utilized for the products and administrations recorded in the trademark registration in Bangalore (unregistered marks may be designated by a superscript “TM”), giving your items seriously marketing cachet and putting contenders on notice that you are significant about ensuring your privileges.